Aerospace Consortium
Technology & Business Innovation
with Japan Aerospace SME “TAKUMI” !!

Japan Aerospace consortium "The Cutting Edge TAKUMI” provides the solution to the world’s aerospace companies with advanced technology backed up by reliability and quality that the Japanese Small and Medium Enterprises(SME) are known for.

Many Japanese SME who have the high expertise and experience have become members of “TAKUMI” established in the spring of 2013 as our country’s first non-profit coordinating organization to realize product procurement including aerospace materials, parts, components and software of high quality that everyone desires made possible by gathering up the many SME and building a multi process coherent production system.

“TAKUMI” will help promote business by acting as an cordination, technical consulting, business plan support, building supply chain, personnel training, research & development support etc. Please think of your company’s worth and make the Japanese SME your partner.

“TAKUMI” is the only consortium enabling enforcing you.

Administrative work for one stop agent

Japan Aerospace Consortium is an organization of the Japan SME Innovation Association The Cutting Edge Takumi.